Crossing Channels

Given my respect for confidentiality, I won't name names, but last week I assisted on a photo shoot for The Last Magazine featuring an up-and-coming British actress. I personally hadn't heard of her before, but in my opinion, I think she's got a shot at making a name for herself. She has a few hot forthcoming projects, the first one being a Nick Hornby-penned script starring Peter Sarsgaard and Orlando Bloom. I think it's due in theaters in early 2009. The buzz is that she has the potential to become a new indie darling, and the fact that she was heading to a Purple magazine shoot directly after can all but confirm this.

The above photo was (again) taken from my iPhone. My apologies, but I suppose it adds to the mystery. I promise to try to get some valid photos on the next shoot. I didn't want to creep the girl out by taking pictures of her on a closed set.

The highlight of the shoot for me, naturally, was the wearables. Everything was pulled from the Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2009 collection. The clothing (looks 1, 4, 29 and 31see below) set against the backdrop of the French King Suite at the Lafayette House, in combination with her pixie cut and dimples conjured a very mod, 60s London feeling in the photos taken by the lovely Jaime Isaia. Very Rosemary's Baby.

I am now completely obsessed with the crinoline booties from the collection. They are amazing to look at and it took iron will not to slip my little feet in them.

By looking at photos from the runway show, I thought that the heel was Lucite with caging around it. To my surprise, and compliments to the ingenious Stefano Pilati and his team at YSL, I discovered that it is completely hollow, and made from some sort of supermetal. This is the benefit of getting to see these things in person. You really come to appreciate the work, love and thought that goes into them. These birdcage booties would be so perfect for hot weather since they are completely open and the summer breeze can blow right through. A girl can dream...


This Year's Model

Since I won't be going on any photo shoots until next week, and 'tis the season for wish lists (can you believe they're already playing Christmas music?!?) I thought I'd compile a few of my own. Here is my top ten list of models I'd seriously die to work with (although several would be extremely intimidating given their own outstanding personal style):

10. Maryna Linchuk - She's the up-and-comer of the bunch. Now that she's starting to get her share of the ad campaigns I'd like to see her used for more than just beauty shots. I think there is an edgier side that is not being utilized and I would love to bring that out with rougher styling, hair and make-up.

9. Gisele Bundchen - She brings such energy to her photos. I'd love to see what she could do on a photo shoot with a darker mood and styling.

8. Daria Werbowy - She has a very distinctive look that I cannot compare to anyone else. She can be extreme, toned down or anywhere in between, but still unmistakably Daria.

7. Sasha Pivovarova - I admire that she's willing to take risks in her photos. I loved the shoot she did with Hedi Slimane for the April 2008 issue of French Vogue.

6. Natalia Vodianova - She brings so much emotion to her photos. Almost a certain sadness. One of my favorite editorials of all time was the Alice in Wonderland story Annie Leibowitz shot for American Vogue. Only Anna Wintour could commission the greatest designers of our time to design a signature dress for Alice.

5. Gemma Ward - Quite possibly one of the most striking faces of the new guard. Her Kewpie-dollness begs to be photographed. Not to mention she's the perfect hanger.

4. Shalom Harlow - She's withstood the test of time, and is possibly even more captivating now. If you haven't already, view Victor & Rolf's Spring 2009 "runway" presentation. She was the only model featured in their digitalized show. Very V&R.

3. Erin Wasson - She has such great style and brings it to her editorials. But you don't see her enough. Maybe she's foregoing the modeling for all of the designing and styling she's been up to?

2. Anja Rubik - Forget Agyness, she's got the fiercest chop on the block. Anja can morph between tough and sweet in the swipe of a make-up brush. She is editorial, runway and kicked ass in the Chloe and Valentino ad campaigns this fall. Love her.

1. Kate Moss - Anyone who denies they feel the same is clearly lying. She is the most famous and versatile supermodel of all time. Period. I would love to just sit back and watch the master do her thing. And maybe even get some styling tips.


Flashing Lights

So, as I mentioned in a previous post, I recently moved to New York to be closer to my first love. Fashion. The city, among its other charms is the capitol of the fashion industry. OK, that may be my opinion, but bring on the debates if need be. Just being in the streets, people-watching, the architecture and energy brings me to a head space filled with creative thoughts and impulses.

In L.A. I worked more on the business side of the industry, and loved being in the vicinity of fashion, but felt lacking on the creative side. It may be a quarter-life crisis of sorts, but I have turned over a lot of new leaves this year, and maybe the highest-ranking risk is not moving across the country leaving friends and family, but quite possibly leaving the security of a decent-paying, secure job in these economically uncertain times to pursue what I really want to do. It may not be the best time, but I feel it is the time.

And after a little time spent relentlessly cold-callingor in this case cold-emailing, is there another term here??I finally got a few leads and am now waist-deep in the action. I have begun fashion/wardrobe styling, well assisting stylists, and am loving it! Which brings me to the whole point of this entry. I think things on this blog will also be moving in a new direction here on out. I want to take it on a more personal note. Not in the sense of self-exploitation, but to make things connect morewhere I connect with fashion. Not just thoughts and comments, but also in regards to how I affect (or intend one day to affect) the industry.

So, to make my explanation less abstract, I have decided to start chronicling the styling jobs I work on. Just a little taste of what's to comeI apologize for the photo quality, this is somewhat of an epiphany arrived upon after the fact, and is courtesty of my iPhone. The shoot was for ultra hip British magazine Wonderland, styled by the amazing fashion editor Anthony Unwin, whom I assisted. It was a really fun job to work on given the energy among all of the creatives on set. Foremost, the photographer Alexi Lubomirski and the very talented model, Olga Sherer. Olga was a wonder to watch. She really knows her stuff and brought a very upbeat, sexually-charged vibe to the photos. She is definitely one to see in action, having already been in basically everyone's runway show over the past few seasons. She can bring the heat to the editorial as well so I look forward to seeing more print work from her.

The overall look had a very sexy boardroom-meets-bedroom feel. There were lots of shoulder pads and mini skirts. Not to mention super high-high heels. I fell in love with a pair of suede, Bordeaux pumps by Christian Louboutin. They should hopefully make it into the mag given they were used for multiple looks, so I can drool over them a little longer. I definitely contemplated returning those Loubs a day late to the showroom for a one-night stand. Kidding! Anyway, I'm guessing since it's a five times a year pub it should be the Spring 2009 issue. Look out. More to come...


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