No Playing Outside

Being a kid used to be about going outside, playing til the street lights came on, getting a little dirty and scuffed up in the process. Those of us who dressed ourselves took pride in our independence, and years later have the pleasure of looking back and getting a good laugh out of our savvy (or completely crazy) outfits.

Now, designers that we love are creating diffusion lines for our (or our friends') offspring. There's always been Baby GAP, but now we also have Little Marc, Juicy Couture for baby and kids and many others—all spanning the grounds from toddler to tween.

America's sweetheart designer, Phillip Lim, has now joined the little league of designers catering to mommy and their mini me. Barney's New York has picked up the line, and starting today, Kid by Phillip Lim can be purchased at Barney's stores or on their website.

The collection is comprised of cute cotton tiered shift dresses, semi-serious trenches, and adorable separates. The poppy hued, multi-fold day dress is no less than precious. Basically, Kid offers miniature versions of dresses we would normally covet, and for some reason the sub-zero sizes make them look even more adorable.

But with prices ranging from $165 to the mid-$300s, one can't help but wonder what the Lim kid will be permitted to do. It's hard to imagine this little gamine playing tag, picking flowers or climbing the jungle gym. All kidding aside, it begs the question—what will become of this new generation of stylish brats who are becoming designer-conscious at an age when they should be experimenting with eating paste?

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