Spin City

If you still haven't tuned in for AMC's top shelf 60s-era drama, Mad Men, don't make the mistake of waiting any longer. Set in 1962 Manhattan, tonight's second season premiere brings us back in to the Madison Avenue ad agency, Sterling Cooper's, office saga two years after last season's finale.

The first season won Golden Globe accolades for Best TV Drama and Best TV Actor. If that isn't enough to strike your interest, consider this: The show is visually intoxicating with it's intricately stylized sets and early-60s costuming. The interwoven historical storylines are enough to make the show quasi-educational (for those of us who weren't there), and the exaggerated (or are they?) displays of pre-PC office politics and male-chauvinism make it entertaining (albeit in a "oh-no-he-didn't" sort of way...).

So grab a smoke, a stiff drink and enjoy. 10 PM PST on AMC


On Your Mark, Get Set, Sew!

The fifth season of Project Runway kicks off tonight at 9PM PST! This may be the last of the show as we know it, intact in its original skin. The possibility of the only valid reality show going to Lady Lifetime is slightly scary. But for now it remains with its parent channel, Bravo!, and all the original judges (and Tim!) are still in place.

Nina Garcia, has resolved to stay on at ELLE as "Editor-at-Large"—though it is speculated (or is it confirmed? I became bored of following the daily rag and industry rumors about her deliberation) that she is heading to Marie Claire. Although I'm not quite sure what's she's going there (as of ELLE's August issue none of the fashion pages, or content for that matter, bare her name). I guess it's all a part of the mutually beneficial fame game. Wonder what kind of paycheck she's getting for doing nothing but representin'...

The word is that the first episode will be repeating the first ever Runway challenge, which entails a round of Supermarket Sweep followed by a roll-out of edible or miscellaneous, grocery-list creations. Personally, while the zany work-with-XYZ-random-materials-and-make-a-dress-out-of-it episodes are not my favorite, they are still entertaining. If that will remain the case will depend not only on the concoctions but also on the at best witty, and at its worst, catty comments of the designers.

However, whether the new pack of designers are able to follow the creative suit of past casts will only be revealed as the season unfolds. Let's hope that this set is equal parts talent and personality so we can continue to count it as one of our lesser guilty, guilty pleasures.