Having recently transplanted in NYC from L.A., I am not one to blink at the occasional celebrity sighting. Today walking near my apartment in the East Village I was excited to catch a glimpse of the colorful Lynn Yaeger and Michael Musto stepping in to a cafe for lunch together. I suppose it is not a stretch to see them as lunchtime companions since they do work together at the neighboring Village Voice offices. I always wondered if Yaeger really did dress as eccentrically on a daily basis, the answer, at least from what I could see, was yes.
Less than five minutes later brunette-turned-blonde-then-back-again model Mariacarla Boscono blew past me in a in a wispy gust of a hurry.

Not to say that any of these people are celebrities in the sense of the word that L.A. is accustomed to, but for me and anyone else entrenched in the depths of the fashion world, it felt like a very New York moment.


Take Me to Hell in a Handbag

Stop the press! Sofia Coppola is collaborating with Louis Vuitton on a small collection of accessories due out next spring. She is photographed above with one of the bags, appropriately named "SC." Another teaming with Marc Jacobs, but the first time with the French fashion house of LV. Writer, director, actor, modelthe woman even has her own champagnenow luxury-goods designer. Can she please do something else to make me and the other legions of Sofia-cool lovers more envious?

Click here for her interview with Suzy Menkes for the IHT.

My Chérie Amour

The new ad campaign for Miss Dior Chérie is so breath taking. There is such a sugary-sweet softness to model Maryna Linchuk that lends itself to the whimsy of the photographs taken by Tim Walker. The accompanying commercial that is expected to be released early next year will be by no other than Sofia Coppola! I'm picturing something along the lines of a hybrid of Marie Antoinette and The Virgin Suicides.

Fashion houses are really going to new heights with their advertising. Now it's not only about celebrity brand ambassadors but also celebrity directors. What's next, Scorsese shooting the Dior Homme cologne commercial? Actually, that would be pretty amazing... And considering the gritty rock star appeal of the menswear brand and Martin's recent foray in to rock docs, I have to say, possibly not too far fetched. Galliano are you listening?