Did the 90s Really Bite?

I watched Reality Bites last night. Aside from reminding me that Ethan Hawke was actually hot it made me long for the early 90s wardrobe of blousy, vintage button-up dresses (not to mention stroked my urge to chop my hair).

Kurt Cobain's credited for so much of the fashion influence of the 90s, but I think this movie also had a lot to do with it. The actors, characters and soundtrack—god, it's good, not necessarily the artists, but simply the songs in compilation—contributed to a time capsule for the 90s.

The film left me with Lisa Lobe's "Stay" and an obsession with the sunglasses Winona wore in the scene where she's swiping her dad's gas card in exchange for cash.

I've been searching online with minimal luck. This is the best image I could dig up. Now if only I can find out the brand/style name...

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