Foot Loose

Last weekend in L.A. the mercury rose to a sweltering 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The first thing on my mind was the daunting search for a cool mass of water to dip my heat-stroked body in. The second was "what is the least amount of clothing I can get away with in public (without soliciting chilly stares)?"

All I can imagine wearing when it's this hot are sundresses and sandals. And so, although it is not even May, I began my search for the endless summer wardrobe.

After scouring many stores—boutique, brand and vintage—I was disappointed to see the dismal selection. Is it possible to find anything under $300 these days? Aren't we in a Recession?

I hit the Internet to see what I can find in the ether-world. I have to confess, I'm still leery of shopping for clothes online. I like to touch and try on before committing. Plus, there is something about the experience that is less exciting. The impulse is different. The adrenaline rush is more about the anticipation of the package; not the purchase and acquirement of the object.

My first stop is shopbop.com. I decide to focus on the feet. Two main requirements: open and flat. I am overwhelmed by the abundance of selection (and many being under $300).

Huaraches are apparently having a revival. Jill Stuart did a modern metallic take on the classic beach shoe. Frye gave it a feminine twist with a peep-toe and a mini-wedge.

Farylrobin makes a great earthy gladiator that is more Summer of Love than war. And if I'm feeling knotty, Joie's corded sandal will do swimmingly.

Naturally, there are an array of choices that reach out of my budget, but I choose to ignore them. There are enough under the $250 range that will make my feet happy and save me from feeling the heat once the pre-summer highs have cooled down.

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