Daylight Savings

The latest photoshoot I assisted on was for the Spring '09 issue of a new art and fashion publication called Joy Quarterly. The magazine is only on it's third issue so it is still a little raw.

Personally I like art, and of course, I love fashion. I don't mind reading about both in the same publication. I think fashion can be thought-provoking and can be analyzed just as readily as art. Some may say—and I will agree—that it is a form of art. Sure maybe it's not as deep as art in the more traditional sense, but it can be just as much of an indicator of a person's internal workings as well as the social, political, and as our generation is learning firsthand—perhaps for the first time—the economic climate. My one minor complaint is when any artform is so over-intellectualized that it's intrinsic expression of emotion and the provokation of inspiration is hindered.

With that said, here are the photos from the shoot that I think are just artsy and moody enough to be beautiful, without taking the fun out of it. The clothing was provided by French designer Ann Valérie Hash and T by Alexander Wang, hosiery by Wolford and Fogal a little fancy footwork by Capezio.

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