Short but Sweet

So the holidays were a little too jovial and I forgot or got too lazy to post about the last two shoots I assisted on before the break. One was for S magazine, a racy Danish fashion publication. The look was sexy but sweet, pushing the line of decency not blatantly exceeding it. Most of the set was closed in fact to only the stylist and the photographer due to some nudity. Which explains why I am only posting one photo here. The model was a little concerned about the nudity and was assured by the photographer that it would be minimal, tasteful and mostly obscured by lighting/intentional shadows. We pulled so much great stuff for this shoot, but as I am learning, most of it got the cut. In fact, only some of the smallest pieces, in the truest essence of the phrase, were utilized. One of my favorite looks is the one shown here. The white silk tuxedo jacket is from a new brand called Duskin. They also make these great, well-cut super soft cotton tanks and tees in the same vein as Alexander Wang and The Row, but I'm assuming at a much lower cost. Definitely about to become a new staple in my wardrobe. Trying to swing a few samples... We also got a bunch of big, bulky silver cuffs from LowLuv by Erin Wasson. While they do work well for editorial, I am not too impressed and cannot imagine wearing one of the pieces for more than an hour or two given they are heavy as hell. For one shot we piled a few on one of the models arms and her discomfort was more than apparent although she opted to be a good sport about it.

A notable part about the shoot was the location. It was in the huge, industrial penthouse loft in a region that could be considered the northern netherlands of Chelsea. The space was shared with this a small design studio specializing in leather and fur pieces that could only be made with the 80s era "rock star" in mind. Or possibly someone going to burning man? Clustered in a corner of the studio were racks upon racks of concoctions that irked me both ethically and aesthetically. Other than that the loft was a totally open layout with a very home-y feel. I didn't think much about the bed in the middle of the space or the fully stocked kitchen until I returned after the shoot to retrieve something that had been left behind. To my slight shock there was a middle aged bohemian couple in their pajamas making breakfast in kitchen. I then realized they probably lived there and rented out the space during the day for photoshoots. And a good thing too as I'm not sure how fortuitous their other business could be...

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