Puddle Jumper

I thought my leather boots that were able to withstand California rain would be sufficient for trekking around NYC, but I quickly learned otherwise. I guess didn't really stop to contemplate that I would actually be out walking in the rain, not splashing through rain-soaked streets in my SUV. After ruining two pairs of good boots I have sucked it up and have resolved to buy some official rain boots.

Of course, I wouldn't dream of going for anything other than the classic, and so began my search for the best priced Hunter Wellingtons on the Internet (dammit, they are pretty much $115 across the boardso much for competitive pricing). Naturally, when looking for a deal I have a tendency to do the exact opposite and fall in love with the most expensive version available. Once again my delusion did not fail me. Low and behold the latest brand collaboration: Jimmy Choo for Hunter Wellington. Luckily they are not available until next June so I can thank urgent necessity for helping me avoid the $395 price tag. But in case anyone is interested in giving me a present in June for no reason at all, they will be sold at the Jimmy Choo stores and website.

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