Crossing Channels

Given my respect for confidentiality, I won't name names, but last week I assisted on a photo shoot for The Last Magazine featuring an up-and-coming British actress. I personally hadn't heard of her before, but in my opinion, I think she's got a shot at making a name for herself. She has a few hot forthcoming projects, the first one being a Nick Hornby-penned script starring Peter Sarsgaard and Orlando Bloom. I think it's due in theaters in early 2009. The buzz is that she has the potential to become a new indie darling, and the fact that she was heading to a Purple magazine shoot directly after can all but confirm this.

The above photo was (again) taken from my iPhone. My apologies, but I suppose it adds to the mystery. I promise to try to get some valid photos on the next shoot. I didn't want to creep the girl out by taking pictures of her on a closed set.

The highlight of the shoot for me, naturally, was the wearables. Everything was pulled from the Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2009 collection. The clothing (looks 1, 4, 29 and 31see below) set against the backdrop of the French King Suite at the Lafayette House, in combination with her pixie cut and dimples conjured a very mod, 60s London feeling in the photos taken by the lovely Jaime Isaia. Very Rosemary's Baby.

I am now completely obsessed with the crinoline booties from the collection. They are amazing to look at and it took iron will not to slip my little feet in them.

By looking at photos from the runway show, I thought that the heel was Lucite with caging around it. To my surprise, and compliments to the ingenious Stefano Pilati and his team at YSL, I discovered that it is completely hollow, and made from some sort of supermetal. This is the benefit of getting to see these things in person. You really come to appreciate the work, love and thought that goes into them. These birdcage booties would be so perfect for hot weather since they are completely open and the summer breeze can blow right through. A girl can dream...

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